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ALIVE_ The way of life, the expression that is born

Mitsugi Sato, Sadaharu Horio

2020.6.5 --6.15 

The tentative world until the other day, when the Olympic Games were held, has completely disappeared, and the current situation is changing at a dizzying pace. Once upon a time, the world was prewar, wartime, and postwar. And only about 10 years ago, a big tremor of 3.11 ran from Japan. The ancestors, and even today, people and society will have experienced the moment when their values suddenly become blank in various experiences. In a sense, it can be said that the situation in us today is not only an advantage, but also a big message on a global scale that it changes into imaginary and unimaginable with many ecosystems, intentionally or unintentionally.

Meanwhile, among the artists involved in art, there are artists who always look down on this society with their own vector, look inside themselves, and continue to make silent voices.

Mitsugi Sato, one of the artists in the exhibition, picks up what is called "waste" that has been spilled and abandoned from society and calls it "drifting". Then, he captures them as a mirror of his inner self and the whole world, and revives them as a work. In an interview with "Position Exhibition," which is also the gateway to contemporary art held at the Nagoya City Museum of Art in 2012, Sato said, "The chaotic problems of the world are in me. Wars and radiation leaks are all my own. It's inside. " He lives around looking at himself at all times. This time as well, Sato's recent series of 108 crosses, "108 Crosses," seems to create a quiet place of prayer in this space, as if bridging the resonance of the eastern and western worlds.

The other is Sadaharu Horio, who continued to live as an artist from the postwar avant-garde art movement and Gutai Art Association, which passed away in 2018, to the time of his life. Horio has expressed the chaotic energy of living by involving and exhausting his body, time, self, others, and space. His subject, "natural things," begins with being aware of the "air" or air-like beings that exist in places we are not even aware of. Along with the series of "color painting" that continues to paint the color taken out from the acrylic tube one color a day on the picked up objects and components, this time we took over the discarded building material panel and exceeded 1000 points drawn in 2016 We will announce 20 valuable works from the two-dimensional work "Thousand GO Thousand Points Story".

A whole-body work that reveals the life of two artists. Strangely, it is very emotional to be able to introduce the works of these two artists at this moment in this era. We would appreciate it if you could resonate with us.

Gallery NAO MASAKI Nao Masaki

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Mitsugi Sato  (1971 - )

Contemporary art

Born in Osaka in 1971. After dropping out of the Department of Fine Arts, Osaka University of Arts, he wandered from China to Asian countries, the United States, and Latin American countries. After moving to Wakayama City in 1988, he resumed his career as a writer using drifting objects. Starting with a solo exhibition in Osaka in 2005, he has held exhibitions in Tokyo, Nagoya, etc. Moved to Nagoya in 2010.

"While picking up the drifting objects, I realized that I was the drifting objects," says Sato. In 2014 and 2016, "Travel Report / Part 1 / Part 2", which describes his strange life, was published and attracted a lot of attention. Participation in Oku Noto International Art Festival 2020 to be held this fall.


<Major exhibitions>

lim Art, Morioka Shoten, Bohemian's Gallery (Tokyo), iTohen (Osaka), Hoshigaoka SEWING TABLE COFFEE (Hirakata), Colon Books, Gallery NAO MASAKI (formerly gallery feel art zero / Nagoya), etc. Major group exhibitions,

"Art Court Frontier 2010 # 8" (Osaka), "Position 2012 Nagoya Art" invited exhibition (Nagoya City Museum of Art), "Denki Bunka Kaikan 30th Anniversary Project THE NEXT-10 artists who will create the next generation" , "Gallery Yada Live vol.20 + Exhibition Sending / Starting from Aichi" (Nagoya), etc.



At Gallery NAO MASAKI 

<Solo Exhibition> 2009 "Mitsugi Sato Exhibition", 2011 "Mitsugi Sato Exhibition",  2016 "Shaking Shape". 2019 "108 Crosses"

<Special Exhibition> 2012 "Furniture Exhibition by Artists". 2013 "The book as ART". 2015 "Kohei Oda / Mitsugi Sato  Daily or extraordinary scenery". 2019 "Toru Tsuji" Mourning exhibition usutsu present "

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Sadaharu Horio (1939-2018)  

Contemporary art

Born in Kobe in 1939, lives in Hyogo prefecture. Became a member of the Gutai Art Association in 1965 and participated until the dissolution in 1972.

<Major exhibitions>

2002 Sadaharu Horio (Ashiya City Museum of Art), 2005 Yokohama Triennale, 2005 Sadaharu Horio + On-site art group "Air" 82 days in a row, 2013 Gutai: Splendid Playground Opening Performance (Guggenheim Museum / New York) , 2014 Sadaharu Horio "Natural Things <Now>" (BB Plaza Museum of Art / Kobe), 2016 A Feverish Era in Japanese Art / BOZAR (Brussels Art Center / Brussels, Belgium), 2017 East Asian Cultural City 2017 Kyoto " Asian Corridor Contemporary Art Exhibition "Sadaharu Horio + On-site Art Group" Air "(Kyoto), 2018 Axel Vervoord Gallery Solo Exhibition (Antowerp, Belgium, Hong Kong)

Since around 1985, he has held countless solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, performances, etc. about 100 times a year under the consistent theme of "natural things". Died November 2018.

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