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Hiroto Nakanishi

"Yadorigi -trees divine spirit resides in-"

2019.10.4 --10.20


"Memory and shape to dwell"

I once walked along the road leading to the abandoned temple in the mountains. "This is my treasure." Cut out a fallen tree in a place like a graveyard of trees that fell due to a typhoon. The tree of choice for the Midwest is, so to speak, a skeleton. Carefully admire the wrinkles and insect-eating marks of each one. We don't really know what he is attracted to, what he sees and what he speaks about in the trees. However, I felt like I saw the ambition of a young Buddhist priest in the refreshing standing of the sculpture, which was born from natural objects that had been trimmed and trimmed. What he wants to keep may be the various memories and signs of the life of the trees, the land surrounding them, and the people who lived there.


Nao Masaki


The finished product is neither a tool nor a work with a strong message.

Memories of the time, place, and scenery where the tree was born.

Pull out the fragments of the image inside you and carefully modify them.

Try shaving along the shape of the tree, or leave as much wood surface as possible ...

How far will you modify it? It is also important when stopping.

I don't care what I think or remember.

However, I want to carve out the existence that resides there.


Hiroto Nakanishi


Hiroto Nakanishi (1984-)

Wood carving Woodcarving

Born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, lives in northern Shiga Prefecture. Learned woodworking and started making furniture. Opened a workshop in 2008 and continued to work by looking at the materials. Activities centered on solo exhibitions since 2010 Moved to Shiga prefecture in the fall of 2011.

At Gallery NAO MASAKI (formerly gallery feel art zero)

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2015 "elephant"

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2012 "Face KATACHI"

2013 "something new, with feel art 10"

2019 Art Fair Tokyo 2019 exhibition

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