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Lintalow Hashiguchi, Sadaharu Horio

ALIVE Continuing Art 

2019.7.27 - 8.11

Artist Sadaharu Horio, who passed away last year just before turning 80, was active as a member of the Gutai Art Association from the mid-1960s until its dissolution. After that, Horio's activities to seek truth through art in his daily life became the theme of ordinary things, and it seems to be a work called "Ippunn daho"(the arts of striking for a minutes), which is performed first thing in the morning until the day before the end of his life. The work continues every day, such as the production of two-dimensional works, and the work of painting one color of acrylic paint on the works that are hung in the atelier.

There are a huge number of works as so-called traces of life, and sometimes there are many things that did not remain because they focused on being there now rather than keeping them in shape. According to Horio, the “obvious thing” is “air.” It is essential to live, but it is the art that he left behind that pursued the truth with an innocent heart throughout his life about "ordinary things", that are usually unnoticed and just continue to exist. .

On the other hand, Lintalow Hashiguchi was born in Nagasaki in 1985, when Horio began to seek the subject of his life. Using the beats and words of punk and rock as a trigger, and using the medium of calligraphy that she began in her childhood, she works as if writing down everyday emotions and feelings that cannot be put into words, using fragmentary keywords and symbols as clues. Inspired by the words of contemporary calligrapher Yuichi Inoue, Calligraphy is an art for everyone, he throws away expensive brushes and uses familiar towels to create large-scale works with his entire body. "POORMEN" in the series "POORMEN", "COSMYTH" that Lintalow Hashiguchi has been working on in recent years refers to the self as a human being living in a corner of modern society, and people who are losing sight of their potential due to various conditions. It's about. A coined word consisting of COSME (makeup) and MYTHOLOGY (mythology), once in ancient people and myths, humans feared and respected the wild by taking the form of beasts, and even tried to take in the power of some species. Inspired by this, he faces the work as a force to transform himself. The atypical characters, which are repeated over and over again, at the same time seem like the appearance of an atypical life form.

Hashiguchi and Horio, who is 46 years older than him, write down their daily thoughts and ideas in huge notebooks. These two rare artists from different generations never actually met, but I think they share many similarities. Many works that fully express the form of art as traces of life continue to live even now, and are about to be born anew. Lintalow Hashiguchi, who is said to have been influenced by post-war avant-garde art, fills the venue with works by Sadaharu Horio, who survived as an avant-garde art activist. The images of these two artists who seek the truth without averting their eyes from their own conflicts in the chaotic modern world give us an essential impact that awakens the dormant wildness of modern people through question and resistance. Will.

Gallery NAO MASAKI Nao Masaki


Lintalow Hashiguchi [1985- ] 

1985 Born in Nagasaki Prefecture. 2004 Entered calligraphy course at Fukuoka University of Education.

In his teens, he encountered punk rock, a mixture of sounds, emotions, and words, which became the starting point for his creative activities. Although he studied traditional calligraphy techniques and aesthetic sense, he was influenced by avant-garde art such as Butoh, Gutai, and Taro Okamoto in the 1960s. In particular, he was greatly influenced by Yuichi Inoue, an avant-garde calligrapher. 2008 First solo exhibition at Fukuoka IAF shop. After that, he will actively present his works. In 2012, I stopped using expensive traditional brushes and started writing with cheap towels around me. 2015 Selected as a member of Yuichi Inoue's exhibition Tensakukai Since 2016, inspired by the sound of rock music, he has created works that resemble alphabets and jagged sound waveforms. In 2018, he was selected for Japan's first contemporary art fair specializing in calligraphy, ART SHODO TOKYO, and won the Grand Prix at the Shinjuku Lumine Art Award in 2019, attracting attention.

At Gallery NAO MASAKI- 

Group Exhibition

 2019 “Contemporary calligraphy ART SHODO 3 person trajectory”

Sadaharu Horio [1939-2018 ] 

Born in Kobe City in 1939. Lives in Hyogo Prefecture. Became a member of the Gutai Art Association in 1965 and participated until its dissolution in 1972.

《Major Exhibition》 2002 Sadaharu Horio (Ashiya City Museum of Art), 2005 Yokohama Triennale, 2005 Sadaharu Horio + On-Site Art Group Air" 82 consecutive days performance, 2013 Gutai: Splendid Playground opening performance (Guggenheim Museum/New York), 2014 Sadaharu Horio The Natural Things now (BB Plaza Museum/Kobe), 2016 A Feverish Era in Japanese Art/ BOZAR (Brussels Art Center/Belgium/Belgium), 2017 Higashi Asian Culture City 2017 Kyoto Asian Corridor Contemporary Art Exhibition Sadaharu Horio + On-site Art Group Air(Kyoto), 2018 Solo exhibition at Axel Vervoord Gallery (Antwerp, Belgium, Hong Kong)

Since around 1985, he has held countless solo and group exhibitions, performances, etc., in Japan and overseas, about 100 times a year under the consistent theme of what is obvious. Died in November 2018.

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