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vol. 120

Nanako Kaji

The story began with just one small sound.

2019.6.22 - 7.7

At first glance, it may look like an inorganic mass of soil. If you look closely, bluish white, grayish white, or dark gray, light beige, and countless overlaps are a group of clay that is sometimes gentle and sometimes sharp. Natural objects, artificial objects, and sculptures selected at random but with careful sensibility so as to snuggle up there.

What can be seen between the actions of Kaji like these poetic fragments is the great existence brought about by this earth that surpasses human wisdom. And there is a figure of a female artist who is innocent and cruelly sharp like a girl who has a faint awe and sees an invisible admiration. Through the work, you can always see the vast, quiet and buzzing scenery like the traces of the wind blowing in front of you.



Nao Masaki



Roadside stones also have various memories that transcend human values.

It dwells with the passage of time for billions of years.

The earth was long before all lives began.

In an era when the sky was just blue, darkness was certainly there as darkness.

Each life just accepts its individuality on the ground,

Look up in the air, listen to the wind, snuggle up to the will of the world,

I was just alive today.

Eventually, one fact was instantly erased,

The time has come when new truths can be created very easily.

Overflowing with fictitious value, losing the way to confirm one's place of life,

Those who return to the whirlpool of time

It reveals its own materiality and is scattered here and there.

Not the history of those who won the battle,

I think there is a history of countless small things that quietly overlook the world.

Nanako Kaji

Artist, potter

1976 Graduated from the Department of Ceramics, Kyoto City University of Arts, studied with Kazuo Yagi and others. After holding his first solo exhibition in 1978, 1980 "Art Now '80" (Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art), 2008 "Attractive ... Now, the Japanese Ceramic Art Exhibition" (Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, etc. Shizuoka) , Tokyo, France, USA), participated in the 2018 ensemble Zone dance performance `` Lost'' as a modeling performance, etc. In recent years, he has been doing creative activities beyond fields such as installation, drawing, photography as well as ceramic art. ..

<Major solo exhibition holding gallery>

Nanorium (Fujiyoshida), Gallery Kai (Kobe), Atelier 2001 (Kobe), Gallery Yamahon (Iga), Hop Gallery (Estonia), etc.

<Public collection>

Shiga Prefectural Ceramics Forest (Shiga), Moritzburg Museum (Hall, Germany), Tohisoo, Mansion Park (Kohira, Estonia) Upright Craft Design Museum (Tallinn, Estonia)


Works "Ceramic vol.44 Kaji Nanako" Kyoto Shoin, 1992

At Gallery NAO MASAKI (formerly gallery feel art zero) ―

<Solo exhibition>

2013 "Return to Home"

2010 "Distant, wind-sounding Kaji Naeko"

<Group exhibition>

2015 "something new, with feel art 10"

2019 "Toru Tsuji Mourning Exhibition Present --Utsutsu-"

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