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Mitsugu Sato

108 Crosses

2019.5.18 - 6.2

Selection and accumulation = pray and work

The other day, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, which is undergoing major repair work, burned. It seems that the cause was the mismanagement of the workers' cigarettes. The event at a historic religious institution, which is said to have maintained the spiritual center of France and the West in its sanctuary, burned into people's hearts with a deep shock. This world holds many things that can be said to be the exact opposite. In the cathedral, which is supposed to be a place for daily prayer, it is as if workers had been working without prayer.

Art is an expression that spills out of the artist's way of life, and at the same time, it is a mirror that reflects the times and the inside of people. It can be said that it is the original role of art. Mitsugu Sato understands it almost exactly and survives with his instinct. Mitsugu Sato's passive actions will be different from the choices made with most artists. Even in the busiest time before the exhibition, if anyone is in trouble, go to help and pick up those destined to be abandoned and buried when no one is needed. The days and works created by the accumulation of the choices. The accumulation of daily choices is prayer, and it has the power to sublimate garbage and transform the place.

This "108 Crosses" is also Sato's theme that has been going on since 2016. In this chaotic era, we must not feel that we can cross the boundaries between the West and the East, religion, and even thought, and find out what we choose as a person (prayer) and how we live.


Nao Masaki


Just as there is a chaotic world in front of you, that chaos is in you. Things that have finished their role in the world, have been abandoned, and are no longer looked at. I feel that such a thing is like a mirror that projects one's consciousness.


Mitsugu Sato

Artist / 1971

Born in Osaka. After dropping out of the Department of Fine Arts, Osaka University of Arts, he wandered from China to Asian countries, the United States, and Latin American countries. After moving to Wakayama City in 1988, he resumed his career as a writer using drifting objects. Starting with a solo exhibition in Osaka in 2005, he has held exhibitions in Tokyo, Nagoya, etc. Moved to Nagoya in 2010.

"While picking up the drifting objects, I realized that I was the drifting objects," says Sato. In 2014 and 2016, "Travel Report / Part 1 / Part 2", which describes his strange life, was published and attracted a lot of attention.

Major presentations, lim Art, Morioka Shoten, Bohemian's Gallery (Tokyo), iTohen (Osaka), Hoshigaoka SEWING TABLE COFFEE (Hirakata), Colon Books, Gallery NAO MASAKI (formerly gallery feel art zero / Nagoya), etc. Major group exhibitions, "Art Court Frontier 2010 # 8" (Osaka), "Position 2012 Nagoya Art" invited exhibition (Nagoya City Museum of Art), "Denki Bunka Kaikan 30th Anniversary Project"

"THE NEXT ~ 10 artists who will create the next generation ~", "Gallery Yada Live vol.20 + Exhibition Sending / Starting from Aichi" (Nagoya), etc.


At Gallery NAO MASAKI 

<Solo exhibition>

2016 "Shaking Shape", 2011, 2009

<Group exhibition>

2015 "Daily or extraordinary landscape", "something new, with feel art 10"

2013 "The book as ART; the image of a book or the extracted shape."

2012 "Furniture Exhibition by Artists"

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