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Forget-me-not _ flowers, spaces, sounds, and vessels for flowers

Wasurekusa _Hana ・ Hazama ・ Oto ・ Utsuwa

Moments, things left behind, when cutting, the flow that connects

The reflected time or sounds

2019.12.8 -24

The way a flower person lives is very interesting.

I met Mr. Kentaro Sugi as if I had suddenly entered the "between" between everyday and extraordinary. Like Furaibo, he entrusts himself to the flow of modern times, but he grabs a certain point and tries to get tired of it. I was fascinated by the standing figure. "Tatehana" ... I pray for the figure of the person facing the flower, which is said to have its origin as a monk's flower offering, and is it a communication with the invisible world through flowers? Then, I feel that sharing space-time with an indescribable moment.


Strangely enough, the photo book containing Mr. Sugi's flowers was completed in time, which coincided with the announcement of this beautiful book. That's just right. This may be Kentaro Sugi, or Tachibana again. If you arrange the place, all the edges will be attracted.


If you have a connection with the flower party held on the first and second days, please attend. This is a truly indescribable experience, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Of course, flowers are alive and can't exist all the time during the session, so there will be photographs taken by photographer Haruhi Okuda over the course of three years. Then, you will be asked to draw the invisible flowers on the ancient vases gathered for this time, the sometimes washed vases, and the attractive vases by the artist. The writers and arrangers who should normally be the main characters are behind the scenes, and who is the main character? It's an exhibition with a strange balance, with a mysterious air flowing from the preparation stage.


I sincerely hope that you will experience it at the end of the year in December.


Gallery NAO MASAKI Nao Masaki


[Flowers: Kentaro Sugi]

Born in Fukuoka in 1975. From 18 years old, studied under Kozo Harada  

Based on the "ikebana" inherited from the flower arranging Kozo Okada to his disciple Kozo Harada, he promotes his own activities.

Currently, he is spreading the spirit through flower lessons held all over the country.


Flower party at museum as it is in 2013

2014 Flower party at Naoya Shiga's former residence, Shin-Yakushiji Temple, Todaiji Nigatsudo Sankosho

2015 Flower party at Shoji Hamada Reference Center

2016 Flower Party in Shanghai, Taiwan

2017 Todaiji Temple   Kyogen stage and dedication of flowers, flower party in Beijing 

2018 Flower party at Odawara Old Gold, Flower party at Paris, Netherlands

[Photo: Haruhi Okuyama]

Activities based in Nara Following "Wasurekusa as it is" produced in 2013, he is also in charge of shooting the second work "Forget-me-not Tokyo".

[Sound: Akira Uchida ]

After majoring in saxophone at a music university, he worked as a performer. Besides that, he also supports domestic and foreign pianists as a piano tuner.

After that, he started making the Clavicord, a keyboard instrument devised in the 14th century. Keyboard instrument production-tuner-advocates for one performer.

Released a CD [SILENT PRAYER] recorded at the stone dome at the 2018 Miho Museum.

[Vessel: Ryo Azuma  (metal)  ]

Born in Mie Prefecture in 1988. He has lived in Osaka since 1990. We make sculptures from urban drifting objects such as copper plates, tinplate, and rusted iron collected on the street. These sculptures are called "Tekkari", which is a jargon of a fragrance master (currently a street vendor) and indicates hardware and lights.


Born in Ise City, Mie Prefecture in 1988 

2011 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts Metal Crafts Course

2011-14 Part-time assistant at the university

Worked for a social welfare corporation in 2015

2016 Starts production

Currently living in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture as of 2018

[Vessel: Shiro Hamanaka  (pottery)  ]

Born 1970 in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

1998-1999 Business trip chef   Assistant to Mr. Shitoshi Sasaki

2012 Koyasan opening kiln

[Vessel: Osamu Saruyama  (antique) 

Born in 1966, in Azabu, Tokyo, he presides over the design office "Gume Layout Studio" and "Saruyama", which handles tableware including old ceramics. Widely involved in graphics, products, and space design. While providing designs to kilns in various regions, he also collaborates with writers such as potters and metalworkers. He also composes and performs for theater, video and exhibitions.

[Ancient and Buddhist art: Akihiro Shirato ]

Born in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture in 1973. After graduating from high school, he got a sponsor and devoted himself to snowboarding mainly in North America. After that, "Misakado" opened in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture. Moved to Nara City in 2009 and continues to the present. Mainly deals with Japanese antique art and folk art.

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