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Yu Hiraishi

Floating-Sculpture by space and body-

2019.11.10 -25

Floating-Sculpture by space and body-


Hiroshi Hiraishi, a sculptor, once answered the question, "Why do sculptors make jewelry?" "What would it look like if a large piece of art was transformed into something that could be worn on the body? Can it be said as art rather than the usual decorativeness? Something can be seen as an expression between large and small sizes. Will the body constantly move in various places and spaces ... Will something different be seen there? Questions came up one after another, and it naturally came to making contemporary jewelry. " 


This time, Hiraishi's jewelry works, which are said to be sculptures that walk and move around, and the installation "Floating" series, which has continued since the 1990s and floats with a mysterious sense of balance and casts shadows, are lined up. The device that gives the space a balance of unique gravitational field, lightness, and tension is wonderful. And while vivid colors such as red, black, and blue are modern, they lead to the most monotonously deformed primitives of natural tones. I would like you to perceive and experience the body and space.


Gallery NAO MASAKI Nao Masaki

Yu Hiraishi

​ Metal artist

Artist statement

To me, the existence of a metal plate seems monotonous at first glance, but it is a special material that allows the front and back to exist at the same time. By adding "color, light and shadow" to the change in shape between the front and back of a flat plate, it creates a more complex expression, and it is also an effective material that can create an infinite expression by the composition of the surface. In addition, the material called metal is a material that is destined to be "oxidized" and is also a mysterious material that is "regenerated". -Hiroshi Hiraishi


1948 From Aichi Prefecture        .

1970 Musashino Art University Craft Industrial Design Department Craft Metalwork Graduated

Participated in solo and group exhibitions, art exhibitions, etc. in Japan and overseas since 1970

A large number of site-specific works have been set up in corporate facilities and outdoor spaces, public collections for museums such as NYC Museum Arts & Design, and contemporary jewelry have been awarded at global competitions.

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