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small things zero's collection 3

Focusing on the tiny people collection 3


Small scales and loci


In 2018, Gallery Nao Masaki will open with a collection exhibition every three years.

There are various things here, such as those made by artists who have never met, those who are now dead, and those created by timeless and unnamed manufacturing. With the addition of the essence of time and memories, I personally feel a little sentimental, but I feel that the pieces of fun time are lined up.


It's strange that small things take longer than usual, and it's fun to take a closer look at the details and get into your thoughts. And there are only small things, feelings, small things, but each one is full of stories.


We hope you enjoy traveling as you come up with. And I think that traveling to somewhere as a new collection with a relationship will become a trajectory of one story.


Nao Masaki


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