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Chasing Metal / Masaki Kanamori (1975 ~)

Everyday and experiment


Mr. Masaki Kanamori, who was born and raised in the birthplace of the steel industry, is a metal writer, and as his surname suggests, he seems to be walking around the metal forest. At one point, the technique of lacquering and baking, which has been used for decorative work since ancient times, was applied to iron trays and vessels. In addition, by hand-crafting the technology of enamel, which has now become an industrial product, unique fluctuations and tenderness that are neither metal nor pottery appear. In each case, you can feel the neat beauty backed by the technique.

Every day, the things I see in his workshop are full of ingenuity and experimentation. It is said that he is repeating new experiments. While having a sense of the times that a new way of life = a way of life, Kanamori's gentle demeanor is not only gentle, but also the original and challenging attitude that is originally necessary for manufacturing. I'm looking forward to seeing him have a strong spirit. This time, visitors may be looking into Tadashi Kanamori's "daily life and experiments."


Nao Masaki

November 2017


Masaki Kanamori

Born in Nagoya in 1975

1999 Graduated from university Living in Tohoku

2000 Begins to visit blacksmiths

Encounter iron work while visiting various makers

2003 Became a disciple of Nobuo Matsuoka (iron sculptor)

2006 Living in Kamiyahagicho, Ena City, Gifu Prefecture

2007 Having a workplace in Nagoya

Start making building hardware and living tools

2014 Get the ruins of a nearby mountain

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