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Lucie Rie (1902-1995)

Quiet beauty


Delicate and graceful, timeless, superb form for everyday life


Lucie Rie [1902 - 1995] appeared in the British and European ceramic arts as a pure flower in the mid-1900s. Nowadays, it is a work of Lucie Rie that is often seen in museums, but at that time it was made as a vessel for enjoying daily life.

If you look closely again, you can hear the breath of the artists who carefully face each other and create each one with love , regardless of the size of the work .

Gentle milky white and deep golden lines and colors carefully drawn. It's not overly beautiful, it's a simple but uniquely decorative form.

It doesn't say much, but it still conveys to us the rich aesthetic sense of the work and the appearance of the person as a quiet impression.


In this exhibition, Hans Coper , a great artist representing this century who worked with 31 Lucie Rie's works such as vases and daily vases for a while and had a deep influence on each other [1920 - 1981] Please see 3 vases.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to all the people concerned for their efforts in holding this exhibition .

We hope that you will enjoy this precious opportunity to enjoy the quiet beauty form scattered in your life by the creators .

Nao Masaki

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