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Ceramic / Kim Hono (1958 ~)

White | Black Blanc Noir


The world of Kim Hono spreading on the container


Free and easy-going style, unobtrusive lines, shapes ...

Is that the case?

At the same time, it makes me feel the rigor and intensity of surviving honestly toward myself, and the warm humanity that comes from head-on.

What I feel about Kim Hono's work and the artist itself is a mass of such things.

That is why he may have wanted to see how he portrays the suppressed world of black and white.


Soil white, soil black,

Rough white texture, black shining rugged container,

Dense frankincense-like white, layered thick black,

White lines to play lightly, black lines with madness,

Although it has the shape of pottery, it is still free and easy-going.

We hope that you will be able to touch, see, and feel the world of Blanc Noir , which is drawn with the essence of black and white that contains multiple elements .


Nao Masaki




Born in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture in 1955

After completing the Aichi Prefectural Ceramics Higher Vocational Training School, worked for the Kamamoto in Seto.

Held many solo and group exhibitions in Japan and overseas

Japanese Ceramics Exhibition, Japanese Traditional Crafts Exhibition, Kazuo Yagi Award Ceramics Exhibition, Asahi Ceramics Exhibition, Chunichi International Ceramics Exhibition,

Many awards such as International Ceramics Festival Mino, Tokai Traditional Crafts Exhibition, Chosan Award Ceramics Exhibition



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