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Sumiko Hukuda (1958 - )


Born 1958 in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. After graduating from Musashino Art University with a degree in oil painting, she travelled to India, the USA, Europe, Asia and the Silk Road. Later moved to Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture, where she lived in a Zen temple while cultivating fields. Since 1999, she has held a solo exhibition in Tokyo (Ginza) every year and participated in group exhibitions. In 2002 she was awarded the Torao Yazaki Memorial Museum Prize at the Tateshina Kougen Museum, and in 2008 the Musashino Art University Alumni Association Newcomer Award.

1989 SAIRIN GALLERY, Yokohama

1999 "VUL VUL 01” Gallery SUDOH, Ginza, Tokyo

2000 "Sumi to Sumi Exhibition" Bar & Gallery Toki, Ginza

2001 "Soranbushi Exhibition" Bar & Gallery Toki, Ginza

2001 "VUL VUL 02 Dust” Gallery SUDOH, Ginza

2002 "Mud Ing Exhibition" Gallery & Bar Kajima, Ginza

2003 "VUL VUL 03 Seed" O Gallery, Ginza

2004 "VUL VUL 04 Seed" O Gallery, Ginza

2004 "Eventually moistened by spring rain" deux egg gallery, Kanazawa, Another Movement 2004

2005 Gallery & Bar Kajima

2005 "VUL VUL 05” Suiheisen Gallery, Yokohama

2005 vol.1"Seeds and Pillars" Gallery NAO MASAKI (formerly feel art zero), Nagoya

2006 "VUL VUL 06 Hiraki no katachi" O Gallery up.s, Ginza

2007 "VUL VUL 07 Rosettes" Gallery & Bar Kajima, Ginza

2008 "VUL VUL 08 Flying Seeds" O Gallery up.s, Ginza

2008 "TRIP” Gallery SUDOH, Odawara

2009 "VUL VUL 09" Gallery & Bar Kajima, Ginza

2010 "VUL VUL 10 Guru Guru" O Gallery up.s, Ginza

2011 "VUL VUL 11 Matsumatsu Kuru Kuru Matsumatsu" Gallery & Bar Kajima, Ginza

2012 "VUL VUL 12 Korokko" O Gallery up.s, Ginza

2013 "VUL VUL 13 Kurin" Gallery & Bar Kajima, Ginza


[Group exhibitions

1998 Nanao City Art Festival

2002 "Art Future” Exhibition  Tateshina Kougen Museum Torao Yazaki Memorial Museum Prize, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

2003 "Museum Wonderland: In Nature" Toyoshina Museum of Modern Art, Nagano

2007 "Flag Art" Exhibition, Kandamachi Street, Gifu

2008 "100 People's Exchange Exhibition in KOBE", Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art Oji Branch Haradanomori Gallery, Hyogo

2009 “Exhibition Exhibition” Kanazawa Citizen's Art Village, Kanazawa

2010 "The Power of Japanese Art" Haguro-do Yushima, Tokyo

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