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Peter Ivy(1969 - )


Born 1969 in Alabama. Peter Ivy is the founder, artist, craftsman and creative director of his eponymous glassware brand, where he handles everything from design to production himself. He creates vessels that are both artistic and extremely functional. He grew up in Austin, Texas, where he worked as a car restorer and carpenter from a young age before becoming interested in art. He later earned a BA in Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design and taught at his alma mater and at the Massachusetts College of Art.

He came to Japan in 2002. For the next five years, he worked as a teacher in the Department of Glass at Aichi University of Education, sharing his knowledge and experience to train younger students. This experience led him to place greater emphasis on form and simplicity, which remains the basis of his work to this day. As his passion for glassmaking grew, he moved to rural Toyama in 2007. He built a handmade studio in an old barn. His minimalist approach to glassware contrasted sharply with the decorative Western-style glassware on sale at the time, and he was widely acclaimed both in Japan and abroad as the forerunner of a new trend in glass craft.

1995 Bachelor of Fine Arts Rhode Island School of Design Providence, Rhode Island

1995-1997 Apprentice for notable glass makers in the Seattle Washington area including; Lino Tagliapietra ,Dante Marioni , David Levi (Ibex) ,Josiah McElheny

1996-2002 Establish Peter Ivy Productions (P.I.P.) -Organize and execute the production of glass for Artists, Designers and for Architects. - Design and fabrication limited production glassware.

1997-2001 Massachusetts College of Art Faculty, Glass Department

1999-2001 Rhode Island School of Design Faculty, Glass Department

2002-2007 Aichi University of Education Glass Department Head

2007 Present Establish own studio in Toyama


1995 Solo Show Wheeler Gallery Providence, Rhode Island

1999 "Michael Rogers and Peter Ivy" Inaugural Exhibition Public Glass and Metalworks Facility Toyoda-Cho, Japan

2000 "Constellation" Group Exhibition New Arts Center Newtonville, Massachusetts

2000 "Contemporary Fragrance Vessels" Group Exhibition Museum of Fragrance Toyoda-cho, Japan

2001  Exhibition at Wheeler Gallery Providence, Rhode Island

2002 "Clearly Thinking" The Sculpture of Peter Ivy and Michael Scheiner Phoenix Art Museum Phoenix, Arizona

2004 Solo Exhibition Amelia Gale Gorgas Library University of Alabama Tuscaloosa Alabama

2010 vol.25 "FRAGMENTIA" Gallery NAO MASAKI

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