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This studio established in 2009 in Dehradun, North India, by Chiaki Maki. It, designed by world-renowned Indian architect Bijoy Jain of Studio Mumbai, uses traditional Indian construction methods and is mostly made of stone, brick, wood and plaster. The studio grows useful plants such as plant dyes and fibres with people who aim to become half-farmers and half-craftsmen, and makes cloth from material making, spinning, dyeing, weaving and finishing. The studio currently has a directly managed shop in Akiruno, Tokyo, as well as exhibiting in various parts of the world.


1979 Studied design textiles at Musashino Art College.

2004 Studied textiles at Rhode Island School of Design, USA, BFA (Doctor of Fine Arts).

1983 Visited Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asian countries to see dyeing and weaving.

1985 Freelance textile designer in New York.

1989 Begins creative work in India.

1990 Established Maki Textile Studio in Akiruno, Tokyo.

1994 Maki's work is included in the collections of the St Louis Art Museum and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

1996- Maki Textile Studio shop in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo for 10 years.

2000 Exhibited in Contemporay Japanese Textiles, MOMA Museum of Modern Art, New York.

2006 Opened Bamboo Forest Shop, Akiruno.

2009 Established ganga studio in Dehradun, North India.

2012 Start of new studio construction project designed by Bijoy Jain, Studio Mumbai.

2016 vol.90「the gray」Gallery NAO MASAKI

2017 Ganga Maki Textile Studio is constructed.

2019 Chiaki Maki 'The Alchemy of Weaving' at Art Galley ASSAB ONE, Milan

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