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 Lucie Rie (1902 - 1995)


Born 1902, Vienna, Austria. Ceramicist. She was  active mainly in late 20th century Britain. Her real name was Luzie Gomperz. She is known for her work with white aprons, white clothes and white trainers, and for making buttons to match haute couture clothes, originally started to support her lifestyle, which led to later variations in glazes. Her work changed image with the years, incorporating traditional techniques such as sgraffito, and based on meticulous component measurements, she created unique, delicate and graceful pieces.

1902 Born in Vienna, daughter of a Jewish doctor

1922 - 1926 Studied ceramics with Michael Powolny at the Vienna School of Industrial Arts

1937 Wins a silver medal at the Paris Exposition

1938 Moves to England after the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany

1939 Moves to Albion Mews in a corner of London

1946 Hans Koper (en, 1920- 1981) joins the studio

1951 Exhibited with Hans Koper at the Berkeley Gallery, London

1960 Teaches at Camberwell College of Arts (until 1972)

1964 Participated in the International Ceramic Art Exhibition in Tokyo

1969 Awarded an honorary doctorate from the Royal Academy of Arts, London

1972 Exhibition 'Lucie Rie - Hans Coper Keramik' at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg

1981 Awarded CBE

1989 Solo exhibitions at the Sogetsu Kaikan and the Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka

1990 Suffers a stroke, making it impossible for her to continue making ceramics

1991 Awarded the title of Second Class Order of the British Empire

1994 Joint exhibition with Hans Koper at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

1995 Dies of stroke in London at the age of 93

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