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Keiko Inaba (1953 - )


1953 Born in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture

1977 Graduated from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, Department of Design While still a student, studied dyeing and weaving in Kyoto for six months.

1977 -80 Works for a paper manufacturing company

1980 -81 Stayed in Madrid, Spain

1982 Started dyeing and weaving.

1986 “Tracks - Nagakute Seven Artists Exhibition" Group exhibition with friends at a farmhouse where she had lived since she was a student, which was to be demolished.

1987 'Spring Breeze, Summer Rain' Two-person exhibition with woodworker Osamu in the wooded area around Minamigaoka, Seto City.

1987 A Piece of Cloth, solo exhibition (Gallery Anri, Nagoya)

1989 “Tact of Clothing, Food and Housing" (Kandy House Nagoya, Nagoya)

1989 "Overlapping Things - Cloth" Two-person exhibition with Osamu at Gallery Gallery, Kyoto.

1989 Selected, Shibori International Competition Exhibition

1990 "Fibre Art Work" Group Exhibition, Gallery NAF, Nagoya

1991 "Surrounded Things - Cloth", Exhibition with Osamu at Gallery Gallery Kyoto

1992 Atelier IN-ABA (later Atelier INA Nagakute) as a base for showing work.

1992 "Two Artists' Exhibition", Oribe-tei, Gallery Madoi, Nagoya

1992 "Condensed Cloth" Solo Exhibition, Kandy House Nagoya, Nagoya

1993 "Energy - Indigo” Exhibition with Osamu at Gallery Gallery Gallery, Kyoto.

1996 "Cloth Clothing" Solo Exhibition at Atelier IN-ABA, Nagakute, Japan

2003 "Celebration" Solo Exhibition at Gallery Asato, Nagoya

2004 "The thread from the sky: The Forms of Dyeing and Weaving Three-person Exhibition" (Nagakute Bunka no Ie)

2007 "Work of Wood, Work of Thread" (Atelier INA, Nagakute)

2008 "Collaboration of Calligraphy and Weaving" Two-person exhibition with calligrapher Shigeko Yasuda (Gallery Sakuraya, Nagoya)

2010 "Ecology" Group Exhibition (Gojikara Village Old Private House, Nagakute)

2011 "The 5th 5works" Group Exhibition (Nagoya City Archives)

2011 "Dancing in Summer" Solo Exhibition (Setsuko Mikishi Museum, Ichinomiya)

2011 "Rag" two-person exhibition (Atelier INA, Nagakute)

2014 "The 6th 5works" Group Exhibition (Nagoya City Archives)

2015 "Seasonal Forms" solo exhibition (Sarari, Toyokawa)

2015 "My One Point" Group Exhibition (Oribe-tei, Ichinomiya)

2016 "Position Exhibition" solo exhibition (Nagoya City Art Museum)

2016 vol.90 “the grey" four-person exhibition (Gallery NAO MASAKI)

2016 "Returning Home" Group Exhibition (Nagakute Library)

2016 "As a Cosmic Ring" group exhibition (Kyokushou Museum of Art)

2017 'Paradise' two-person exhibition (Nagakute Library)

2017 'The 7th 5works' group exhibition (Nagoya City Museum of Art)

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