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Jazz Chabo Blue Cat

2006.06 Nagoya Mito-ku

Hidden music teahouse

I remember the owner's sophisticated adult taste, humor, and strong personality, which gave me a feeling of a new cultural land and birth.

Space must be a sympathizer who silently expresses its scents and thoughts for those who spin culture.


At this time, the creation of a space with people, which I think, had already begun.

"Hidden music teahouse, from early afternoon to evening, the signboard menu is good music JAZZ teahouse Aoneko quietly opened."

This copy is the text used for the open DM.


I will replace the image concept with some words in this way when creating a space.

As shown in the hideout, this underground space is based on the excitement of visiting for the first time, the intimacy of a secret place that only I found, and the creation of a space for adults.


Design design, furniture / interior design, total direction

Tableware coordination

Total graphic design such as logo design, signboard, business card, DM

Jazz Chabo Aoneko

Address: 49 Fujigaoka, Meito-ku, Nagoya Amphini B1F

Business hours: 13: 00-24: 00   Sunday 13: 00-19: 00

Regular holiday: Closed on Thursdays

tel:  052-776-5624

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