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Gallery feel art zero

2008.02 Nagoya, Aoi

Space of (​zero)

Entering the inside of a space called a gallery like a tea room is the very first step to the world of art.

It is required to function as a place with all possibilities.


The walls are white to accommodate various situations.

Accent is added by creating a wall with a curved surface in a space that tends to be lonely, or a glass-enclosed space that floats in the atrium.


Sensitivity + function, simple + attractive.

Perhaps the harmony of elements that look opposite creates an important zero space for exhibiting the work.


Art gallery & office design design,

Furniture design, total direction

Total graphic design such as logo design, signboard, DM, business card, sticker, etc.

gallery feel art zero (currently Gallery NAO MASAKI)

Address: 2-3-4 Aoi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya

Business hours: 12: 00-20: 00

Regular holiday: Closed on Tuesdays

tel:  052 932 2090


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