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Momoo Omuro (1969 - )


Born 1969, Tokyo, Japan. Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Metalwork, Faculty of Crafts and Industrial Design. Worked in a traditional goldsmith's studio. Later worked with pate de verre, a technique invented in ancient Mesopotamia in the 16th century BC. Mainly exhibits his works in solo exhibitions. Develops its own world of vessels, lighting, etc.

<Solo Exhibition>

2013 Dee’s hall/ Jurganlehl-Obihiro
2014 Isetan Shinjuku/ Lisn Kyoto/ Gallery MITATE/ Dee’s hall 
2015 Pragmata Gallery/ Isetan Shinjuku/ Taichung
2016 Dee’s hall /  Yamahon Kyoto
2017 Gallery Nichinichi / Yakumo Saryo / Taichung
2018 Dee’s hall / Butik For Borddaekning,Denmark / Yamahon Kyoto
2019 Pragmata Gallery / Gallery Nichinichi / Babaguhri (Dec,Tokyo)

<Group Exhibition>
2005 Particle Theories / Museum of American Glass, US
2016 Ornament / Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, Denmark
2019 New Glass Review / Corning Museum of Glass, US


<Permanent Collection>
Glasmseet Ebeltoft, Denmark
Ersting Stiftung Glass Museum, Germany

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