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Lucie Rie Hans Coper

STILL NEW Exhibition


Two artists who made their mark in the British ceramic art world in the mid-1900s, Lucie Rie [1902-1995] and Hans Coper [1920-1981].

A dignified appearance with a soft form, abundant vitality that overflows.


His strong way of life, which has always pursued his own world view and expressiveness without being buried in the waves of the times and the ceramic art world, and the numerous works created in this way still give us a vivid impression and excitement. I keep giving.


The wish to meet again here was fulfilled, not as a work of a distant person, but as a work of two artists with fresh sensibilities.

Approximately 20 works by Lucie Rie, "still new", and 5 works by Hans Coper, including works that were first released in Japan, will be lined up.


I am delighted to have the opportunity to fully introduce the charms of Lee and Copper.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those involved for their cooperation.


Nao Masaki

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