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Hiroto Nakanishi Tomomi Matsunaga



Two artists who stared at the material and found their respective shapes.


Tomomi Matsunaga, a contemporary jewelery artist living in Kyoto.

She has been using hemp, bamboo, etc. for many years to keep an eye on the material and shape, and to create beautiful forms.

In recent years, he has been involved in the art production of Noh stage at Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto, and his interest in the target materials has expanded to a wide range of fields such as food.


On the other hand, after studying woodworking and making furniture, the Midwestern people now move to Shiga and make vases from decaying trees.

Nakanishi, who is only in his twenties, quietly stares at the appearance hidden behind the material and has a dialogue. From the shape found in the old tree that has lived, you can see the mature sensibility and technique that makes you forget the age of the author.


The works of these two artists convey to the viewer the beauty of the form that appears by staring at the material and the innocent power of the material.

The joy that leads us to a world of unique modeling is due to the inquisitive spirit of both parties and the inexhaustible creativity that lies ahead, and I am deeply moved and excited in front of the work.

Nao Masaki


Hiroto Nakanishi

Born in Aichi prefecture

Lives in northern Shiga prefecture

Learn woodworking and start making furniture

Opened a workshop in 2008

Gaze at the material and start making vases


Tomomi Matsunaga

Lives in Kyoto

Making jewelry using hemp and bamboo materials

Facing the material, contemporary modeling

Challenge to expression

In recent years, he has also been involved in the art production of Noh stage.

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