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Contemporary Jewely / Kazuko Mitsushima

white Jewel x daily life



Put on the glass

Atmosphere drifting in everyday life.

Fun feelings, mellow air, gentle atmosphere, dignified sign.

Kazuko Mitsushima's glass jewelery is the most familiar art piece that gives you energy by wearing it as an expression of yourself . This time , the first collaboration with glass artist Yoshihiko Takahashi has been realized , centering on the collection of "whitejewel", which is full of innocent white and the transparency peculiar to glass, like the essence for the moment when you face yourself in your daily life. did.

The creation created by Mr. Yoshihiko Takahashi, who has a reputation for edgy Mitsushima's modeling and high technology and expressiveness, seems to be wearing glass sculpture. We hope that you will enjoy the time to actually touch, wear, and discover your new self .

Nao Masaki

May 2018

Kazuko Mitsushima

After studying metal engraving, he refined his blown glass production techniques in various places such as the Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle and established his own style.

Awarded at international jewelry exhibitions and Japanese craft exhibitions. The collection is also in overseas museums .

Even now, after 30 years of continuous presentations at home and abroad, he continues to pursue his unique sensibility with high technology and expressiveness, and is always active on the front lines.

<Major exhibitions in recent years>

1995 Contemporary Jury Exhibition National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

1996 Design Competition '9 6 Hainan Encouragement Award

1998 “Jewelry Moves” Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh /

New Glass Review 19 Corning Museum of Glass, New York

2000 “SELECTION2000” Essen Design Center Germany

2001 “Contemporary Japanese Jewelry” Crafts Council London

2007 “Jewelry Now and Transformation Objects” The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

2008 “Glass Wear” Schmuck Museum, Germany

2009 “Glass Wear” Museum of Arts & Design New York, etc.


<Main collections> Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh, etc.


At gallery feel art zero (currently Gallery NAO MASAKI )

<Solo exhibition>

2011 "in & on"  

2014 "the glass jewelry and art"

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