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Glass / Yoshihiko Takahashi (1958 ~)

Yoshihiko Takahashis works


Don't look like anyone

Not similar to anything

The creative has no end

There is no answer

A person whose shape is born before its use

The destination is free

Although the technique is stoic

I forget about that

It just makes it fun


It is also new to remember that a large-scale exhibition was held at the National Crafts Museum in Tokyo in 2011.

Yoshihiko Takahashi always blows the wind of originality into the glass world.

Where does that fascinating creative come from?

We hope that you will feel the overflowing expressive power of Yoshihiko Takahashi.

Nao Masaki

December 2017





Born in Tokyo in 1958

1980 After graduating from the Craft Design Course, Department of Product Design, Department of 3D Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tama Art University, worked as an assistant in the laboratory.

1982 After moving to Germany and returning to Japan after working as an assistant at Grasshouse Amvasa Turmuet,

1 985 Established a workshop in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

1984 First solo exhibition in Munich. Currently, while teaching glass as a professor at Tama Art University and a part-time lecturer at Utatsuyama Kogei Kobo, he holds exhibitions and workshops in various parts of Japan and the United States.

2011 "Yoshihiko Takahashi ☆ Glass" A large-scale exhibition will be held at the National Crafts Museum of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. Original glass expressions range from vessels to objects, and as an artist who always leads the Japanese glass world, he is attracting attention across genres, both domestically and internationally.

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