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vol.145 Hidetaka Fukaya「IL SOGNO / Dream」

 We are glad to introduce to you that next exhibition Hidetaka Fukaya "IL SOGNO / Dream". The first two days, Hidetaka Fukaya will be in our gallery, so take a visit at those days.

vol.145 Hidetaka Fukaya IL SOGNO / Dream

2023.5.20(sat) - 6.4(sun) Open : 13:00 - 19:00 Closed : Tue・Wed

Artist will be at 5.20(sat), 6.4(sun)


The feet reveal a person's world, or a shoe's dream. Hidetaka Fukaya, who studied in Florence, Italy and is the first and only Japanese shoemaker maestro, has looked after the feet of many people, including celebrities. 2015 marked the 10th anniversary of his luxury men's shoe brand "il micio", and he presented a sculpture at the Museo Marino Marini, the museum of sculptor Marino Marini, who is associated with Florence. Marino Marini, a sculptor with Florentine connections. The production process is similar to his own shoemaking: a wooden model is carved and the leather shoes are sewn according to the model. The main difference is that no measurements are taken and the form is created according to Fukaya's own taste. Fukaya, who looks at people's feet on a daily basis and forms his own aesthetics there, steps into a freer and deeper world of expression based on his cultivated skills and unique artism. The shoe sculptures created by Fukaya have a personality. Some walk lightly, others stand around suffering and hurt. They seem to express human beings themselves in a straightforward manner, with a sense of humour and cynicism. Some people in Japan may have seen his talent up close through the exhibition held at GYRE in Omotesando, Tokyo, in 2017.

Six years later, the world of this keenly sensitive artist seems to have deepened in abstraction and expressiveness, as if accompanying the transformation of the world as a whole. It has gone beyond the feet of the individual to the feet of human society as a whole, and has come to present us with an overwhelming presence and worldview. Is the world projected here chaos, or is it the world dreamt up by the great shoe? This exhibition introduces the further expression of Hidetaka Fukaya, an artist who was born in Japan and continues to present his work in Florence. Gallery NAO MASAKI

Nao Masaki


Hidetaka Fukaya

Born 1974 in Tokai City, Aichi Prefecture. Hidetaka Fukaya has loved making things since he was a child and entered Nagoya Mode Gakuen after graduating from high school in 1993. While still a student, he became interested in shoemaking and studied under Nagoya shoemaker Shigetaro Matsuda, learning the basics of shoemaking. After graduating at the top of his class and winning the Creator of the Year award at the same school, he moved to Tokyo to work as a designer for the Kensho Abe brand. In 1998, he decided to become a bespoke shoemaker and moved to Italy on his own. Studied under Alessandro Stella in Siena. In 1999, he launched his own brand 'il micho' and started making his own shoes. "il micho" means "kitten" in Italian. Fukaya, who loves cats, gave the name to the noble creature with the intention of pursuing his own shoemaking with a free spirit and without flattering anyone. In 2005, he became the first Japanese to open a bespoke shop abroad. He has also designed shoes for famous select shops in Japan and is highly regarded for his design sense and talent. In recent years, as an artist, he has created sculptures in pursuit of free expression, and held an exhibition of his works at the Museo Marino Marini in Florence in 2015 to celebrate the shop's 10th anniversary.

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