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【Represented Artist Goonakayama「ART SHODO COLLECTIVE」@S BRICK, Awajishima Island】

 Starting this weekend, artist Goonakayama will be participating in the "ART SHODO COLLECTIVE" held at "S BRICK" on Awajishima Island. This exhibition is part of the "ART SHODO AWAJISHIMA" program and features the works of six contemporary calligraphers, curated by Toyotomi Yamamoto of Tokyo Gallery + BTAP. It serves as a platform for intersecting works of these calligraphers, expanding the possibilities of unknown expressions.

On the opening day of the exhibition, a panel discussion titled "Exploring Ancient Calligraphy" will be held, featuring Toyotomi Yamamoto and the six exhibiting artists. Please consider attending this event as well.




【Exhibition Period】 January 26 (Fri), 2024 - January 28 (Sun), 2024

【Hours】 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

【Venue】 S BRICK Gallery

 1-1-8 Shioya, Sumoto-shi, Hyogo Prefecture 656-0021

【Exhibiting Artists】

 Ayako Someya


 Hirotaka Sota

 Nangaku Koun

 Naoshi Yamamoto

 Dai-go Watanabe

For more details, please refer to the relevant sources.

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