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【Exhibition for clothing brand "MA Déshabillé".】

As we pass sunny days and feel it is getting hotter, our hearts are filled with excitement for the new season.

We are pleased to announce a three-day exhibition for the clothing brand "MA Déshabillé," planned by Gallery NAO MASAKI, to be held at MARUYO HOTEL in Kuwana, Mie Prefecture, starting next Friday.


Wearing high-quality "MA Déshabillé" that allows you to freely go back and forth between the everyday and the extraordinary, it is somewhat similar to the feeling of traveling. I am looking forward to introducing to you the quality and special everyday life that I love to use on a daily basis at the MARUYO HOTEL that I have styled. If you are a fan of MA or are curious about MA, please take this special opportunity to visit MARUYO HOTEL. We hope to see you in Kuwana, an ancient city filled with the atmosphere of travel!

Gallery NAO MASAKI Nao Masaki


MA Déshabillé" Exhibition

[3 days only] No reservation required

 Dates: 2024/5/17 (Fri) - 19 (Sun) 13:00 - 19:00

【Special Accommodation Plan】

 Dates: 2024/5/17(Fri)-19(Sun)

 Check-in time: 17:00-19:00

 Check-out time: 10:00


 (1) One-room private plan: 110,000 yen (1-4 persons, breakfast and lodging, tax included)

 (2) Shared Plan (Bedroom: Japanese-style room or Western-style room) *All rooms except for the bedroom are shared space.

 Japanese-style room with open-air bath: 66,000 yen (1 to 2 persons, breakfast and lodging, tax included)

 Western-style room (with shower): 44,000 yen (breakfast for 1 or 2 persons, tax included)

 How to make reservations for accommodation plans:

 (1) For the private room plan, please make a reservation through the MARUYO HOTEL homepage.

 Please make reservations by phone or e-mail.

For reservations

 Please make reservations through our website, by phone, short mail or e-mail.

 TEL : 090-2773-0004

Payment Method

 We will send you an online payment link when you complete the reservation.

 Reservation will be confirmed after payment is completed.

Cancellation Policy

 Due to the special nature of this event, there will be a 100% cancellation fee after the reservation is made. We are looking forward to meeting you.

 We are looking forward to meeting you.


Akiko Murata

(MA Déshabillé Designer)

Akiko Murata graduated from the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Belgium, which has produced many of the world's top designers. She also worked as an intern at Vivienne Westwood. After graduation, she worked as a stylist and vintage dealer before returning to Japan, where she launched MA déshabillé in 2013 and began making pajamas and loungewear in 2010, based on the concept of clothes that can be worn for 72 hours." Deshabile" is the French word for loungewear, and she wants to make clothes that have a presence while eliminating the stress of wearing them, and offers items with old-fashioned value by using her experience in vintage dealing, mainly fabrics.

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